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Use the links to view recent updates to our dataset, systems, and applications. Data availabilities change as frequently as every week, as more data is added to the Geospatial Data Gateway. Planned/scheduled outages are also indicated, for equipment and software upgrades or maintenance. TIP: to search for a specific topic, type Ctrl f and enter a search phrase in the search box.

Date News Headline
20-Apr-17GNIS updates since March 3, 2017
13-Apr-17Cropland Data Layer updates since 18-March-16
11-Apr-17Raster Soil Survey update since June, 2014
06-Apr-17Island Imagery Updates since March 28, 2017
31-Mar-17New NAIP 2016 Seam Lines.
28-Mar-17Island Imagery Updates since November 29, 2016
27-Mar-17NAIP 2015 and 2016 revisions
18-Mar-17New Direct Download option.
15-Mar-17WBD updates since September, 2016
13-Mar-17Cropland Data Layer updates since 18-March-18
07-Mar-17NHD updates since 18-Apr-16
03-Mar-17GNIS updates since December 1, 2016
23-Feb-17More NAIP 2016 has arrived (addition #5). NAIP 2016 is complete.
22-Feb-17Congressional District 115th updates since 02-Jun-16
14-Feb-17gSSURGO and STATSGO Updates
06-Jan-172 Meter LIDAR Bare Earth and Hillshade updates since May, 2016
22-Dec-16NAIP 2015 revisions
21-Dec-16GNIS and 1 Meter LIDAR Bare Earth and Hillshade updates since October, 2016
15-Dec-16More NAIP 2016 has arrived (addition #4)
12-Dec-16ESRI Rec Areas and Trans Terminals updated since December, 2014
05-Dec-16More NAIP 2016 has arrived (addition #3)
01-Dec-16SURGO soil surveys update since June 24, 2016
29-Nov-16Island Imagery Updates since April 7, 2016
09-Nov-16More NAIP 2016 has arrived (addition #2)
08-Nov-16ESRI Institutions, Landmarks, Parks, and Places updated since December, 2014
03-Nov-16NRCS County Layer updates since September, 2011
02-Nov-16More NAIP 2016 has arrived (addition #1)
01-Nov-16ESRI Postal/Zip Code Boundaries and Points updates since December 2014
27-Oct-16New NAIP 2016
19-Oct-16GNIS updates since 22-Jun-16
18-Oct-16SCA, NRCS Areas, & NRCS Teams updates since 22-Oct-15
14-Oct-161 Meter LIDAR Bare Earth and Hillshade updates since August, 2016
21-Sep-16WBD updates since March, 2016
09-Sep-16Census demographics updates since 10-Dec-15
02-Sep-16NED updates since 08-Jun-15
05-Aug-161 Meter LIDAR Bare Earth and Hillshade updates since 06-Jun-16
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