WBD updates since March, 2017

New updates since March, 2017, that affect the Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) Subbasins are being provided by NRCS’s National Geospatial Center of Excellence.

15 Added:

HUC           Name

09010009   Upper Moose Mountain Creek
09020317   Morris River
09020318   Rat River-Tourond Creek
09020319   La Salle River
09040003   Upper Oldman River
09040004   Oldman River-Willow Creek
17010107   Headwaters Kootenai River
17010108   Upper Kootenai River
17010109   Duncan River
17010110   Slocan River
17020017   Headwaters Columbia River
17020018   Canoe River-McNaughton Lake
17020019   McNaughton Lake-Columbia River
17020020   Goldstream River-Columbia River
17020021   Upper Arrow Lake-Columbia River

All remaining were Modifications of Subbasins only.